In the past, Trinidad cigars were Cuba’s best-kept secret.

The brand’s distinctive cigarettes were only offered to officials and diplomats, and they were named after the beautiful 16th-century city of La Santsima Trinidad,

a UNESCO World Heritage site. One of the best and most underappreciated Cuban cigar brands is Trinidad.

At first, there was just one Trinidad Cigars size available: 7.5″ long and 40 ring gauge. The factory only produced 20 boxes per month,

and the sticks were packaged in straightforward cedar boxes with 100 cigars apiece and the brand’s distinctive pigtail cap.

Guests of Cigar Aficionado were given an amazing wine and cigar dinner in 1994 at the Dinner of the Century in Paris.

Some Trinidad cigar boxes were auctioned off for charitable purposes, with some smokes fetching an astounding $700 each.