Hoyo de Monterrey’s sister brand was called La Escepción.
Very strong cigars made up the selection.
A non-Cuban company also uses an identical name.
La Escepcion Cigars was a famous brand that was established in 1850 and discontinued in 1989, according to the Cuban Cigar website.

For the La Escepcion Edicion Regional Italia 2011 Selectos Finos and La Escepcion Edicion Regional Italia 2015 Don Jose,

the previous brand’s manufacture was resumed in 2011.

The refund came in the form of an Edición Regional for Italy,

a nation whose rigorous regulations prohibit shops from selling to customers outside of the country making it famously challenging to obtain ERs.

Four years later, Italy receives the second release of the brand for yet another ER, this time in the Don José Hermosos No.4 vitola.
The Don José name pays respect to Don José Gener y Batet,

the man who founded the La Escepcion Cigars brand.

According to Wikipedia, Gener moved to Cuba in 1831 from Spain and worked on his uncle’s tobacco estate.