Semi Boite Nature (SBN) boxes were initially used to store Diplomaticos cigars. Around 1975, common dress boxes were developed.
It was initially meant to be a more affordable alternative to the well-known Montecristo brand, primarily aimed at the French market.
The iconic Montecristo vitolas are sometimes contrasted with the 1966-launched Diplomaticos Cuban cigar brand

which was initially marketed as a “less expensive” Montecristo. Due to its unique blend of premium tobacco,

the Diplomaticos brand of Cuban cigars quickly distinguished itself from this constricting comparison.

Cigar lovers from all over the world routinely enjoy its distinctive, opulent, and flavorful flavor and now lust after this exquisite brand.

Another outstanding Cuban brand that was introduced in the 1960s is Diplomaticos.

Diplomaticos has so far created all of its cigars by hand using whole leaves.
The sizes and names essentially follow the Montecristo nomenclature,

and the Diplimaticos line is created at the Jose Marti plant along with the majority of the Montecristo line,

making it one of the few Havana brands that is exclusively dedicated to hand-made cigars.