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Cuban Cigar Releases 2021


Cigar News 2021! Another year has come to pass that we’ve been denied the marvellous scenes of the Habanos Festival, but true to form that certainly hasn’t kept Habanos S.A. from hitting us with the good stuff. And the hits? Well they just keep on coming!This year we’re looking forward to several brand new Cohiba vitolas, one […]

Tips and Secrets


TIPS AND SECRETS The appreciation of fine cigars, like the appreciation of fine wines, is an exceptional form of art. Enjoying a cigar is a sophisticated pastime. The true connoisseur is refined. He does not “smoke”, he savors; every draw is an experience of succulent pleasure to the palate as the rich bouquet of varied […]

Cigar in China


The cigar market is never considered a mass-market but a niche in China. In western countries, however, the cigar has already become a popular commodity and people love to enjoy it. Therefore, for those cigar fans from overseas, I’m pretty sure you have no idea how cigar business is going here and how to find […]

Top 5 Cigars for Beginners

top 5 cigars for beginners

Everyone starts somewhere. And if you are going to make a move to Cuban cigars, you might want to take it easy. Not that Cuban cigars are stronger than any other cigars, whoever said that to you was either lying or really didn’t know. Apart from that, when we are beginners, we are immediately attracted […]